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nougat london ltd
At Stefan Alexander we Specialise in designerwear showroom samples including nougat london ltd
And clearance stock of women’s designer wear clothing,
Hats, bags, belts, gloves, scarves, accessories & shoes at up to 75 percent off RRP.
Where does our stock come from?

The vast majority of the stock comes from Europe and is current season most of the time.
Nations of origin include ,
Denmark, Holland, Germany, Italy, Eire, as well as the UK.

Our Prices

Where else am I able to buy these brands?
This is what makes the store excellent for you the customer.
Bargain prices all year round.
Up to 75% off the recommended retail costs.
That’s genuine!! To prove it we ask you to go to the manufacturers own online shop
And check out their prices then compare ours. Nobody can beat us on price .

The brands stocked can be discovered in limited boutiques & department shops
around the country as well as the web manufacturers shops.
However , lots of our styles are one off showroom designs
And can not be found anywhere else.

That means there’s a strong possibility you will not see someone else wearing
The same style as you. In truth since the beginning i have not come across this.

Sizes :

As most of the designs are original showroom samples,
The sizes are limited and are mostly size 12 / Medium.
Nevertheless there are more sizes when it comes down to clearance stock ( eight -18 ).

How frequently is the stock changed ?

At any one time there may be roughly eight hundred individual pieces
To browse through so be sure you have plenty of time & energy when you arrive.

As well as our bread and butter designers like

Noli, Nougat Byoung, Damo, Kaffe, Cream, Oxmo & Prophecy,

We also have ‘flash collections’ that might be one off brands never to be repeated.
So there are always new brands coming through mixing in with the regular brands.

The stock in the shop is updated very regularly, customarily weekly,
And customers enrolled to our e- mail list will receive
First notification of what’s come in. Click the link now to visit our site and sign up for VIP email notifications of new stock!

Nougat Designer Clothing for Women

If you are searching for reasonably priced ladies’s designer clothing for work or for casual afternoons with good friends, Nougat Clothing may have the kind of garments you require. Nougat is a fashion brand name from the United Kingdom that provides gowns suitable for going out to lunch with your good friends, going to work or tee-shirts and trousers in which you can enjoy a day of shopping.

Vibrant Prints and Patterns

The line of clothing that Nougat offers is feminine and soft, but with great deatails and colour throughout their collections. Whether it is a boldly printed day dress or a white lace dress with a colourful sash, they have clothing to flatter your figure. The designs are soft with pastels rather than bright dazzling colours, however there are some bolder patterns in their line of gowns.

Nougat Clothing is suitable for warm sunny days because they are made from light materials in many short-sleeved and sleeveless designs. Whether it is a white cotton strap dress, a streaming chiffon top or linen large legged pants, their clothing looks cool and comfy, all set for any celebration you have to attend. Their day gowns would be perfect for a home wedding event or a pair of their linen pants with a streaming top would make the perfect outfit for a supper date with your spouse.
nougat london ltd
They likewise have clothing in trends that always appear to be in design, such as classical nautical stripes, English garden influenced floral prints or lace gowns and blouses as well. These pieces are classic and you might use them for several years to come instead of purchasing to one wear time only!. There are pieces in the collections that can transition from warmer climate to cool autumn days, such as the nautical knit gowns and coats.

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