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Blacklisted Car Finance Rent To Buy A Car – Call 071 079 8140 for blacklisted car finance info anywhere in Gauteng. Blacklisted car finance details in Johannesburg. If you need a vehicle bad are having a hard time because of a bad credit rating or are listed with ITC we can help. Drive a vehicle today without requirement finance. We have a 99.9 % approval rating for currently utilized individuals who earn R12,000 PM or more. Do not let a bad credit rating hold you back. Select from our big range of late design cars all with complete history.

If you have bad credit you have most likely been to more than one automobile dealership that has turned you down. This is very common that individuals do not accept the opinion of the first automobile dealer and so they go searching for a second opinion just like many individuals do with medical professionals. We simply do not like to hear the trouble and were searching for somebody that will inform us what we want to hear.

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